When adopting IT Service Management (ITSM) within your IT Department, you may find that your team is struggling to adapt and adopt the practices within the working environment.

The ITSM Masterclass Series

The ITSM MasterClass Series is a collection of structured workshops which are designed to accelerate the adoption of ITSM practices within your team.

Each masterclass is structured to allow participants to learn new ways of working, and also unlearn poor practices:

  • Educational content, to level-up the participant’s understanding of the principles and practices
  • Exercise to understand causes and effects in the current landscape
  • High-level practice assessment
  • Understanding the future state
  • Prioritised Improvement Plan
  • Integrating into other ITSM processes

Each Masterclass is designed in 2-hour segments. It is difficult for people to be out of the office for an entire day, therefore we are flexible and can split break each Masterclass into 2-hour segments.

Each Masterclass consists of a blend of:

  • Educational content – to “level up” the understanding of all participants.
  • Capability assessment – to assess the current state of the practice area.
  • Improvement Plan – to develop a prioritised Service Improvement Plan

Operational focus

ProductDurationPriceDescriptionOrder online
Service Desk MasterclassR24R47,500The Service Desk Masterclass is aimed at Service Desk Managers and Supervisors who are responsible for the performance of a Service Desk. https://www.quickstart.co.za/product/service-desk-masterclass/
Incident Management Masterclass16 hoursR32,500The Incident Management Masterclass is aimed at Incident Managers, Service Desk Managers as well as Information Security Managers who want to improve or establish incident response capability.https://www.quickstart.co.za/product/incident-management-masterclass/
Problem Management Masterclass16 hoursR32,500The Problem Management Masterclass is aimed at Problem Managers, as well as IT managers who aim to reduce disruption by proactively identifying and mitigating causes which contribute to outages.https://www.quickstart.co.za/product/problem-management-masterclass/
Service Request Management Masterclass8 hoursR17,750The Service Request Management Masterclass is aimed at Service Desk, as well as IT managers who aim to streamline their service delivery by creating standardised service requests.https://www.quickstart.co.za/product/request-management-masterclass/
Event & Monitoring Management Masterclass8 hoursR17,750The Event and Monitoring Management Masterclass is aimed at IT managers who aim to build a monitoring and detection capability within their teams.https://www.quickstart.co.za/product/event-monitoring-management-masterclass/
Change Management Masterclass16 hoursR32,500The Change Management Masterclass is aimed at Enterprise Change Managers who are responsible for reducing the impact and frequency of disruption to business operations because of unplanned, uncontrolled changes.https://www.quickstart.co.za/product/change-management-masterclass/
Release Management Masterclass16 hoursR32,500The Release Management Masterclass is aimed at Release Managers who are responsible for facilitating the release of software and hardware solutions to end-users.https://www.quickstart.co.za/product/release-management-masterclass/
Deployment Management Masterclass8 hoursR17,750The Deployment Management Masterclass is aimed at IT Managers who oversee deployment of new and existing technologies within an enterprise environment.https://www.quickstart.co.za/product/deployment-management-masterclass/
IT Asset Management Masterclass16 hoursR32,500The IT Asset Management Masterclass is aimed at IT Asset Managers and pratictitions who are responsible for maintaining hardware, software and virtual IT assets. https://www.quickstart.co.za/product/it-asset-management-masterclass/
Just Culture and Performance Management16 hoursR32,500iol

Service Design

Availability Management16 hoursR32,500
Capacity Management16 hoursR32,500
Information Security Management16 hoursR32,500
Service Continuity Management16 hoursR32,500
Infrastructure Management16 hoursR32,500
Cloud Management16 hoursR32,500
Service Level Management16 hoursR32,500
Service Catalog Management16 hoursR32,500
Supplier Management16 hoursR32,500

Strategic focus

Service Portfolio Management16 hoursR32,500
Demand Management16 hoursR32,500
Financial Management for Services16 hoursR32,500