ServiceFlow (Pty) Ltd is a Consulting & Advisory firm focused on:

  • IT Service Management (ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000 and DevOps)
  • IT Governance (COBIT)
  • Sourcing Governance (also known as Demand-Supply Governance)
  • Information Security & Cyber Resilience (RESILIA)

ServiceFlow is wholly owned by Louis Stanford and has successfully partnered with other consulting firms to help customers achieve their objectives.

Our Philosophy

Why does one company thrive, and another whither? Why is one team effective, and another can’t find their way out of a paper bag? What separates the high performers from the mediocre?

We are constantly exploring both individual and team performance, trust, habits, beliefs and other intangible aspects of human behaviour in the corporate world. Frameworks, methodologies and models come and go, but each leaves behind a trail of confusion. The end result is often a toxic corporate culture.

We rely heavily on the works of Dr Elijahu Goldratt, W. Edwards Deming, John Seddon and others to diagnose and make sense of customer challenges. These philosophies have proven themselves in thousands of corporates and we have a decade of experience in applying their approaches to our customer environments.

Our Customers

Our customers are typically IT leaders working in a corporate environment, who are grappling with complex management challenges such as:

  • a disconnect between strategy and execution
  • a lack of integrated planning
  • a blood-stained IT audit reports
  • a lack of transparency and governance

We help our customers to peel back the layers to more clearly understand the root cause of these problems, and then come up with a tangible plan to remedy these.

Our customers also rely on guidance from best practice frameworks, most notably ITIL, COBIT, ISO/IEC 20000. These are typically required by corporate governance standards (ie. King III/IV) or even legislative requirements. We are fully qualified and accredited to deliver training, however we find that our customers prefer us to assist in adopting the bits that have the most impact.