Louis Stanford

Louis has had a keen interest in governance systems and systemic improvement for as long as he can remember. His very first teenage job was working at a fast-food outlet, where he applied basic time-and-motion studies to recommend some improvements to the layout of the shop. The implementation of this had mixed results, and it was his first lesson into the complexity of human behaviour.

Enterprise Focus

Today, he works as a strategy consultant, focusing on helping enterprises realise value from their IT investments through effective adoption of good management practice. He fascinated by the recurring dysfunctional patterns that exist in IT and is committed to the development of professional practices that eliminate these patterns.

He has provided professional consulting services to over 100 corporate clients in the past 10 years, including the United Nations, African Union, and a wide variety of Retail, Financial Services, Industrial and public agencies.

He understands the urgent need to transform and adapt organisations to a changing digital world, and has researched and developed consulting products to accelerate this change.

Personal Mission

On a more personal level, he is passionate about helping people think differently about the work they do, and helping them to achieve very different results through a careful and practical application of theoretical principles.


Louis is accredited in the following certifications:

  • ITIL 2 Service Manager (version 2)
  • ITIL 3 Expert (Accredited Trainer on all modules)
  • COBIT 5 Foundation (Accredited Trainer)
  • BRM Professional (Accredited Trainer)

He is also a Lead Trainer for two Accredited Training Organisations and is currently developing the course material for ITIL 4 (for for release in Q1 2019).

Other interests

Louis is also a Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Africa Direct Life, a Cape Town-based fin-tech startup.