Louis Stanford


Louis Stanford is a Service Management consultant, coach and trainer with experience in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). He is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and has delivered for clients in Africa, the Middle-East and South-East Asia.

Executive Management Skills

Louis has studied, and has practical experience with facilitating the adoption, application and integration of the following standards, frameworks and legislation.

COBIT Framework for IT Governance & ManagementFramework
ITIL Service Management Framework (AXELOS)Framework
IT Asset Management (ITAM) FrameworkFramework
Demand-Supply Governance Framework (Supplier Management)Framework
Business Relationship Management (BRMI)Framework
DevOps and DevSecOpsFramework
Lean for Service OrganisationsMethodology
RESILIA Cyber Resilience Framework (AXELOS)Framework
KING IV Code for Corporate GovernanceFramework
ISO/IEC 20000 – IT Service ManagementStandard
ISO/IEC 27000 – Information Security ManagementStandard
ISO/IEC 38500 – Governance of ITStandard
Electronic Communications & Transactions Act of 2002Legislation
Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013Legislation
Cyber Crimes Act of 2020Legislation
Sectional Title Schemes Management Act of 2011Legislation
Civil Aviation Act 13 of 2009Legislation

Influencing Culture

Louis is passionate about Management Systems which cultivate a healthy, high-performance corporate culture. He recognises that a high-performance culture cannot be directly influenced, but that it is the product of a well-designed management system (policies, processes, procedures, tools, standards, legislation, people, knowledge, skills and partnerships).

He has experimented with a variety of Change Management approaches and has a preference for the Nudge Theory of influencing people’s behaviour without resorting to Command & Control directives.

He has a track record of managing change in multiple team environments. He is particularly interested in the shift from a mediocre, chaotic environment, maturing through reactive, proactive archetypes to a delivery-orientated culture where customer outcomes are met.

Louis is particularly effective at hosting structured workshops. He focuses on the objective, and takes time to understand stakeholder resistance and objections. He encourages a collaborative, common-ground approach to resolving conflict and achieving an acceptable compromise. His approach is quiet, gentle and non-confrontational.

In addition to Corporate Culture, he also has experience with establishing and reinforcing a safety-orientated Just Culture within the aviation industry, which is supported by a Parliamentary mandate issued to the Department of Transport and Civil Aviation Authority. Through his initiatives, compliance with licensing requirements resulted in a 320% increase in foreign pilot registrations, and a significant increase in foreign pilot’s perceptions of safety culture in South Africa.

Improvement Consulting

Systems Engineering

Louis has helped hundreds of IT Executives by means of in-depth capability maturity assessments and outcomes-focused improvement planning. He recognises that isolated improvements seldom deliver value, and advocates that improvements are is aligned to business outcomes.

While Louis has a primary focus on IT Governance and Management, he still has a natural curiosity about enterprise technology. His technical and architectural skills are somewhat rusty when compared to the new generation of cloud-based systems engineers, however he still has an expert, principled-based approach to designing robust, secure and high-performance enterprise systems.

Work Experience

The Hammer AcademyHead of Training2019-present
Marval AfricaITSM Consultant, Trainer2015-present
Rejea GroupITSM Consultant, Trainer2015-present
IT WinnersITSM & ITG Consultant, Trainer2018-present
Africa Direct GroupChief Information Officer (acting)2019-2021
ServiceFlowITSM & GRC Consultant, Educator2014-present
SAHPAStrategic Advisor, Head of Digital2017-present
ClearSpace ConsultingITSM, GRC Consultant, Trainer2009-2014
Old Mutual GroupGRC Consultant (Project Spice)2007-2008
Old Mutual South AfricaInternal ITSM & GRC Consultant2006-2008
Old Mutual South AfricaWeb & Application Security Architect2003-2007
Old Mutual South AfricaEnterprise Change Manager2003-2007
Old Mutual South AfricaEnterprise Release Manager2003-2007
Old Mutual South AfricaSenior Systems Engineer2002-2003
Bytes Technology GroupDeployment Engineer2001-2002
Old Mutual South AfricaSystems Engineer2000-2004
Computer ConfigurationsIntegration Engineer1998-2000
Game Stores (Massmart)IT Systems Supervisor1997-1998
First National BankSystems Engineer1995-1997


CertificateCertificate No.
ITIL Expert (2011 edition)GR761003324LS
ITIL 2 Service Manager
ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC)GR760016859LS
ITIL Intermediate Service Offerings & AgreementsGR756016695LS
ITIL Intermediate Release, Control & ValidationGR759017081LS
ITIL Intermediate Operation Support & AnalysisGR756016695LS
ITIL Intermediate Service StrategyLoyalist
ITIL Intermediate Service DesignLoyalist
ITIL Intermediate Service TransitionLoyalist
ITIL Intermediate Service OperationLoyalist
ITIL Intermediate Continual Service Improvement04115646-01-SD3U
Microsoft Operations Framework 3Loyalist
ITIL 2 FoundationLoyalist
ITIL 3 FoundationISEB
ITIL 4 FoundationGR671163688LS
COBIT 5 Foundation02770476-02-DYYW
Business Relationship Management Professional2000704344
DevOps FundamentalsGR680000293LS
DevOps LeadershipGR681000083LS


Clothing Retailer, Cape Town

Assisted the Infrastructure Executive of a well-known clothing retailer over a period of three years to address multiple issues:

  • Investigate the systemic cause of ongoing outages in the infrastructure environment, leading to high levels of business disruption and business dissatisfaction with IT’s ability to deliver reliable services. There was also a staggering rise in unplanned expenditure, most notably overtime. After a series of interviews, the root cause was pinned to an Overtime Policy that rewarded engineers with a fixed payment per incident, which was effectively an incentive for disruption.
  • Rewrote an unwieldy outsource contract (480 pages) into a more manageable outcomes-based contract (12 pages) as a proof of concept.
  • Developed skills within the Supplier Management team to shift their focus from traditional procurement to strategic sourcing.
  • Facilitated a series of strategy workshops to develop the IT Executive Management team. These workshops had the remarkable effect of realigning the IT executives to focus on the same business objectives, which improve the boards confidence of IT’s ability to meet their expectations.
  • Developed and delivered a comprehensive set of IT Governance documentation (integrated policy framework, process library, procedures, roles &responsibilities and reporting)
  • Facilitated a series of workshops to develop engineering skills to improve system design, increase reliability and build a sustainable, scalable infrastructure.

Higher Learning Institution, Cape Town

  • Facilitated a series of strategy workshops with IT Executives to develop their Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) capability by understanding dependencies and calculating the investment and resources required. One of the major impediments was found to be the professors themselves, who were dismissive of online learning. Unfortunately, this strategy has not been realised after many of the IT Executives left.
  • Assisted the Development and Operations teams to implement a series of controls, plans and schedules to improve their collaboration and co-ordination. This resulted in a sharp increase in productivity and a reduction in conflict and disruption.
  • Facilitated a series of workshops to develop engineering skills to improve system design, increase reliability and build a sustainable, scalable infrastructure.

Financial Service Provider, Cape Town

  • Facilitated a series of workshops with the business executives to understand their frustration with the IT department. Implemented a few critical Service Management practices and reinforced the Service Desk with better tooling. Within three months the bottleneck had been identified, unlocked R24m of investment in IT and created 17 new positions.
  • Reworked three strategic development contracts to realign with business expectations.
  • Facilitated a series of workshops to develop engineering skills to improve system design, increase reliability and build a sustainable, scalable infrastructure.
  • Developed and delivered a comprehensive set of IT Governance documentation (integrated policy framework, process library, procedures, roles &responsibilities and reporting)

AMISOM mission, Mogadishu, Somalia

  • Over a period of 4 years, assisted the joint mission between United Nations and African Union through a series of workshops to develop their management capability, develop ICT strategy.
  • Facilitated a series of workshops to develop engineering skills to improve system design, increase reliability and build a sustainable, scalable communications infrastructure.
  • Developed and delivered a comprehensive set of IT Governance documentation (integrated policy framework, process library, procedures, roles & responsibilities and reporting)

Old Mutual, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Assisted with the development of an outsource agreement, specifically focusing on Demand-Supply Governance.

Managed Service Provider, London/Cape Town

  • Facilitated a series of strategy workshops to develop the off-shoring strategy for a London-based Managed Service Provider with 1600 technical staff.
  • Developed a Management Model and Strategy Map to enable structured growth and expansion. This included a Service Management Framework with a strong commercial focus.

Managed Service Provider, Cape Town

  • Acting on behalf of the Managed Service Provider, performed an integrated Process Assessment at a Financial Services company. The results of the assessment indicated material and contractual short-comings with the MSP. This report was initially rejected by the MSP, and it prompted the CIO to initiate a significant overhaul of the MSP Service Contract, to the unexpected benefit of the MSP.

State Owned Entity, Johannesburg

  • Delivered the full series of ITIL Intermediate and Expert courses to the IT Executive Management team
  • Facilitated a series of 21 capability development workshops to strengthen IT Governance and achieving ISO/IEC 20 000. Workshops included the development of an integrated policy framework as well as process documentation.

Agricultural Manufacturing, Swaziland

  • Assessed the controls, management capability and organisational maturity of the IT division.
  • Recommended a prioritised list of service improvements and investment into People, Process and Technology.

Telecommunications Provider, Cameroon

  • Assessed the controls, management capability and organisational maturity of an infrastructure division.
  • Recommended a prioritised list of improvements and investment into People, Process and Technology in order to achieve ISO/IEC 20 000 accreditation and align with eTOM.

Electricity Provider, Sabah, Malaysia

  • Assessed the controls, management capability and organisational maturity of a state-owned electricity production and distribution company. 
  • Recommended a prioritised list of improvements and an initial business case motivating for investment in order to achieve ISO/IEC 20 000.

Telecommunications Company, Johannesburg

Provided an assessment of Incident Management practices across 56 help-desks and developed a strategy for integrating all of these support teams with a uniform Incident Process. By sifting through consolidated data, uncovered a 90% drop in overall Incidents during a change freeze period, which indicated a systemic problem with established Change Management practices. This observation conflicted with an internal auditors report.

Telecommunications Company, Cape Town

Developed the strategy for establishing a Configuration Management capability to support an enormous telecommunications infrastructure, along with a governance framework (committees, decision rights, roles & responsibilities).

Financial Services Company, Stellenbosch

Developed a privacy (GDPR, POPIA) assessment and governance framework for a Financial Services institution, along with training and skills development for the Executive Management team.

Africa Direct Group, Cape Town

  • Chief Information Officer at the Africa Direct Group (consisting of three firms: Africa Direct Life & Investments (Pty) Ltd, Africa Direct Edubond (Pty) Ltd and Africa Direct BondOptimiser (Pty) Ltd) based in Cape Town. The focus was to drive a programme of Digital Transformation, by stabilising the IT environment through these establishment of automation and process controls, as well as guiding strategic investment and partnerships to support future growth.
  • Structuring strategic partnerships service partners to develop key IT systems
  • Development of an integrated Information Strategy, including POPIA compliance.
  • Establishment of Business Continuity practices to protect investor interests, through careful investment in backup and recovery capability.
  • Adopted robust role-based access control to reinforce separation of duties and prevention of fraudulent behaviour.
  • Developed a comprehensive governance framework (integrated policy framework, process library, procedures, roles & responsibilities)

Financial Services Company, Cape Town

Developed an IT Strategy for a financial services firm, focused on the sustainable capability development (People, Process, Technology). The brief included the establishment of an IT Charter which defined the governance mechanisms to oversee the performance of IT management.


PeopleCert DevOps Leadership
PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals