IT Asset Management Policy

This policy provides guidelines on activities related to the End User Computing asset lifecycle, from acquisition, tagging, deployment, usage, maintenance, withdrawal, and disposal.

Policy NameIT Asset Management for End User Computing
Policy TypeService Portfolio
ApplicabilityVulture Airways
AudienceAll users of Information Systems
Policy OwnerVulture Airways Head of IT
Date Approved
Approved by

Objective of this policy (Why is this necessary?)

To ensure that End User Computing assets are controlled throughout their lifecycle so that:

  • All assets are correctly and properly allocated to end-users to optimise usage and productivity.
  • All software licences are accurate and accounted for, thereby minimising the risk of legal and regulatory non-compliance.
  • All costs and risks associated with End User Computing may be understood and managed, ensuring optimal Return-On-Investment and Total-Cost-of-Ownership.
  • All assets, tools and operational activities are standardised to simplify support and maintenance.

Policy Statement (What is our position?)

All employees and contractors that utilise End User Computing devices shall comply with the following measures:

  • All End User Computing devices must be procured by Vulture Airways IT.
  • All End User Computing devices must be specified by Vulture Airways IT Engineering Team.

Measurement (How do we know this works?