Assessments are useful tool to get an independent perspective of the current reality within your organisation. The resulting report is impartial and based on a sound understand of what best practice in IT Service Management and IT Governance actually calls for. This report can be used to understand the potential performance, and also highlight the absence of certain management controls.

Any assessment depends on honest input to have any meaningful impact. It is a very human trait to under-estimate our own weaknesses and shortcomings. Management teams tend to overestimate their capability and this leads to a lack of focus and decisive action.

However, we anticipate that people ‘bend the truth’ so we look for the hidden clues.

Note. There are weaknesses associated with assessments. They typically highlight the gaps between Best practice and Actual practice, however it is a lot harder identifying toxic practices which undermine the potential performance of your team. To identify and raise these toxic practices requires experience and wisdom.

Types of Assessments we offer

  • Process Assessment (based on COBIT 5 or COBIT 2019)
  • Process Assessment (based on the ITIL Framework, and ISO/IEC 20000)
  • Process & Enterprise Maturity Model
  • Cultural Maturity Assessment
  • Employee Engagement Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

Fix As We Go

In addition to full process assessments, we also provide a blended, iterative approach whereby we incorporate assessments as part of our structured Best Practice Workshops. This allows us to identify weaknesses and almost immediately record the policy statements, process documentation required to remedy the shortcoming.

We use our extensive library of templates and checklists to build an appropriate level of process documentation which is then published in a web-based Playbook. See our Consulting Workshops for more.