Consulting & Advisory Services

We provide professional advisory and consulting services in the following areas of specialisation:

  • Digital Service Management (ITIL, DevOps, ISO/IEC 20000, Lean for Service)
  • IT Governance, Risk & Compliance (COBIT, ISO/IEC 38500)
  • Cybersecurity (RESILIA, ISO/IEC 27000)
  • Sourcing Governance for IT (Demand-Supply Governance)


We can provide an objective, independent benchmark assessment of your operation to identify risks and opportunities for improvement. Assessments include:


Our fast-paced process Good Practice Workshops are designed to accelerate your adoption of good practices and quickly improve your team performance. These workshops provide a foundation of theory, before switching to the the practical considerations and identification of your internal constraints.

See full list of Good Practice Workshops.

Sourcing Advisory

Twenty years of experience on both sides of the fence in IT outsourcing, we can provide you with guidance and skills to handle engagement with 3rd party suppliers:

  • Conducting a Sourcing Assessment
  • Developing a cohesive Sourcing Strategy
  • Writing specifications for RFP/RFQ
  • Assessment of bids from suppliers
  • Oversight of transition to the new supplier
  • Development of your internal Supplier Management capability.


Cybersecurity is an integral part of every mature governance or management system. We have an extensive background in the technical aspects of Information Security, however our focus is specifically:

  • Establishing a Risk Management practice which is integrated into your Enterprise Risk Management framework
  • Integration of risk management practices within your existing internal processes and practices (ie. change management, application management etc)