Service Coach

The Service Coach is a specialist advisory service that provides nurturing guidance to Service Management teams who want to improve their quality of service and meet their customer obligations.

The format of the coaching sessions are structured conversations, aiming to uncover hidden beliefs and assumptions which undermine your overall performance.

Conversational Topics

The type of conversational topics that are typically covered the Service Coach Programme are:

  • Finding out what customers value
  • Different approaches to a Continual Improvement model
  • How to nurture a culture of ongoing improvement
  • Why measuring Utilisation leads to poor customer satisfaction
  • How to align performance contracts to SLA’s, KPI’s and OCRs
  • Reviewing monthly reports and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Co-designing effective team interfaces and better communication practices
  • Clarity on team members roles, responsibilities and inter-dependencies
  • Designing and implementing new operational systems and processes
  • Facing or preparing for an upcoming crisis situation
  • Issues related to the delivery of services


Service Coach sessions are typically 1-2 hours long. As these sessions are focused on team performance and not personal development , several people may attend, however we recommend that numbers are limited to 3-4 people to keep the sessions meaningful for participants.


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