Value Stream Mapping Workshop

A Value Stream is the end-to-end process from customer demand, to the delivery and support. Value Streams are more than just process maps, they show the interrelationships between processes, activities, and resources.

Through our Value Stream Mapping Workshop, we will help you define end-to-end activities and identify bottlenecks and waste in your processes.

Who should attend

It is important that the VSM workshop is attended by people who are able to make decisions about workflow, resourcing and budgets. We will facilitate across process owners, managers, and employees involved in the critical service management processes that require efficiency improvements. The ideal workshop should consist of 6–8 persons.


The VSM Workshop is designed to produce the following deliverables:

  • map of the current process
  • diagram of the future process with the highlights of the improvements
  • performance metrics
  • the transformation plan to achieve the improvements