ITSM Tool Selection Workshop

Save time through our ITSM Tool Selection Workshop which will clarify your requirements and present you with several appropriate options.

One of the more common improvement initiatives is the selection and implementation of a Service Management tool. Our ITSM Tool Selection Workshop is a micro-consulting engagement designed to accelerate your selection process by matching your requirements to a suitable tool.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management is a popular reference when making these decisions, unfortunately it is exclusive, restrictive and overlooks many viable alternatives.

Why ITSM tool implementation projects fail

The investment in an ITSM toolset is not insignificant, and the IT industry is littered with anecdotes of abandoned or failed implementations. The reasons for project failures vary, but include:

  • The organisation is not ready. Both customer and ITSM tool provider lack the in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of IT Service Management.
  • Immature or incomplete requirements. This often happens because Service Delivery staff are under pressure to deliver and can’t focus their attention on requirements gathering. Very often, they have never worked in a mature Service Management organisation, and thus focus on measurement instead of business outcomes,
  • Narrow focus on process. Business Analysts often lack insight into the systemic, integrated nature of Service Management and focus instead of the minutae of process inputs, activities and outputs,
  • Excessive customisation. This results in the inability to upgrade the tool without incurring further consulting fees.
  • Lack of training and skills-transfer. Technical consultants may understand their toolset, but do not have the skills to guide customers in their journey to adopt IT Service Management.

It is thus important to understand the process maturity and cultural readiness of the IT department, before embarking on a tool selection process. This helps to ensure that the tool is correctly-sized for current and future requirements. The quickest way to get this insight, is to perform a diagnostic ITSM Process Assessment.

Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership

There are always hidden costs associated with every solution and it is wise to identify these to ensure the commercial viability of your selection. Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership ensures that you avoid any surprises, and meet your financial objectives. This exercise typically includes classifying all costs as follows:

  • Direct Costs vs Indirect Costs
  • Fixed Costs vs Variable Costs
  • Opex vs Capex

The TCO calculation assists with building a viable business case for a service management tool, and provides for a fair comparison between several options.

How we can help

We can provide you with expert assistance in choosing the most optimal toolset which meets your current and future objectives. We can help with the following:

  • Developing a comprehensive business case
  • Developing high-level business requirements
  • Tool evaluation
  • Shorting-listing the tools

Our Team

All of our workshops are facilitated by our small, experienced consulting team with over 20 years of demonstrable experience in the fields of Service Management, IT Governance, Cybersecurity and Strategic Sourcing.