Change Enablement Workshop

Our Good Practice Workshops are designed to help IT leaders to accelerate the adoption of internationally-accepted best practice within their departments.

Change Enablement (also known as Change Management, or Change Control) is one of the most critical yet misunderstood of all Service Management practices. It is often reviled as being an impediment to progress, however this is almost certainly due to poor implementation.

The Change Enablement Workshop follows a systems-thinking approach to help you understand and identify conflicts and constraints in your current environment, and how to overcome these using logic. We will share our experience


If you’re struggling with the following symptoms, you’re likely to have an underperforming Change Management process:

  • High frequency of failed changes
  • High frequency of changes resulting in unplanned outages
  • High levels of wasteful rework
  • Low levels of confidence in IT’s ability to deploy new technology
  • Poor customer satisfaction


This workshop is designed to help you adopt and adapt service management best practices within your team. You are likely to see the following benefits:

  • Significant reduction in service outages
  • Faster response to requests for new functionality
  • Significant improvement in turnaround time for implementing changes and requests
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Workshop Structure

Module 1. Change Enablement Theory
In this module, we will explore the spectrum of best-practice guidance from ITIL, COBIT, DevOps and ISO20000. This has the effect of levelling-up all stakeholders knowledge in both terminology and thinking patterns.
2 hours
Module 2. Measure the current state
In this module, we will:
– identify and document your pain points
– do a high-level process maturity assessment (50-60 points checklist)
– evaluate your process documentation
– evaluate your policy documentation
4 hours
Module 3. Define the future state
– Define Roles & Responsibilities
– Create SOP for creating a change
– Create a standardised process for Normal Changes
– Create a standardised process for Standard Changes
– Create a standardised process for Emergency Changes
– Define Change Categories
– Define Change Models
– Create SOP for evaluating and authorising Changes
– Create policy for bundling changes
– Determine risk matrix for changes
– Establish a Change Advisory Board
– Establish CAB authority, standards and protocol
– Stakeholder Analysis
– Communication Plan
– Nudge Strategy for Behaviour Change
8 hours
Module 4. Service Improvement Plan
– Identify additional opportunities for improvement
– Prioritise and allocate improvements to individuals
– Insert all assigned tasks to Service Improvement Plan
2 hours
Change Enablement Workshop16 hours

Supporting Agile principles

The Agile Manifesto contains the following principles:

  • Individuals and interactions OVER processes and tools
  • Working software OVER comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration OVER contract negotiation
  • Responding to change OVER following a plan

Our Good Practice Workshops are designed to fast-track decisions about things on the right, so that your management focus remains on the things on the left.


This Change Enablement workshop will ensure that key stakeholders are involved in the design, implementation and rollout of Change Enablement as a practice.