IT Asset Management

The IT Asset Management Assessment evaluates your ability to track and manage IT Assets to manage related finances and risk and have a plan to implement methods and practices to track assets and improve decision making. 

Identify current gaps in your ITAM capability, processes, documentation, and accessibility. With that information in hand, we know where to focus your improvement efforts. As a result, issues such as poor financial reporting and unnecessary licensing and maintenance costs can be quickly addressed and resolved.

Our methodology includes four steps so that you get the information you need – and fast.

  1. Identify Requirements and Goals – Working with the project sponsor and key stakeholders, ServiceFlow will identify the organization’s IT Asset Management priorities, current challenges, and desired state.
  2. Conduct Current State Review – ServiceFlow will review the current ITAM capabilities of the IT organization. ServiceFlow will interview various key stakeholders, interview other process operatives, review current process documentation, such as Asset Management and Configuration Management, and review currently implemented and available technologies, such as the current IT asset register or CMDBs.
  3. Perform Gap Analysis – The current capabilities and requirements will be compared against ITAM best practices (ITIL 4, ITAM and COBIT) along with our own experience. The gaps identified will be documented and included as items for improvement within the findings and recommendations.
  4. Present Findings and Recommendations – ServiceFlow will assemble and present an executive level presentation, highlighting significant findings, defined goals, current capabilities including process maturity ratings, identified gaps, and recommendations for improvement.

ServiceFlow has the knowledge and experience to uncover the source of challenges quickly and efficiently.

Do not let your organization’s poor management of IT assets create unnecessary risk and financial burden. Engage ServiceFlow for a IT Asset Management Assessment to ensure that IT consistently and reliably produces value.