CGICTPF Assessment

In 2014, the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) developed and published the Corporate Governance of ICT Policy Framework (CGICTPF) which describes the requirements for a wide range of activities to be addressed including:

  • the governance of ICT
  • the implementation of an ICT management framework.

Establishing a Corporate Governance and Governance of ICT system requires principles to be adopted, adapted and implemented for the use of ICT in the public sector. It is a key requirement to assign responsibility and track progress, and this must be supported by a carefully crafted ICT management system.

The CGICTPF is based on the COBIT Framework

The current version of the CGICTPF makes reference to the COBIT framework, and prioritises the following twelve practices:

  • EDM01 – Ensured Governance framework setting and maintenance
  • APO01 – Managed Information and Technology management framework – 
  • APO02 – Managed Strategy
  • APO03 – Managed Enterprise Architecture
  • APO05 – Managed Portfolio
  • APO10 – Managed Vendors
  • APO12 – Managed Risk
  • APO13 – Managed Security
  • BAI01 – Managed Program
  • DSS01 – Managed Operations
  • DSS04 – Managed Continuity
  • MEA01 – Managed Performance and Conformance Monitoring

CGICTPF Assessment