Relying on outdated systems and processes are a business liability and it is thus necessary for leaders and managers to continually improve the dimensions of People, Process, Partners and Technology.

Continual Improvement is one of the foundations of Good Governance, and it is essential to how a clear picture of what needs to be improved, when.

Our assessments will provide you with a holistic, independent perspective which you can confidently use with your key stakeholders to improve the integrity of your governance system, as well as improve the quality of service to your customers.

Available assessments

  • Value Stream Assessment. The VSA takes a high-level perspective with the intention of identifying opportunities for improvement across the enterprise.
  • ITSM Process Assessment. This is useful if you want to determine the level of adoption against the ITIL 4 Service Management framework.
  • COBIT Capability Maturity Assessment. This examines your Information and Technology controls and validates these against business objectives. It provides insight on where to implement additional controls that support the business objectives and appetite for risk.
  • IT Support & Operations Assessment. This provides you with a comprehensive perspective of your Support and Operations environment.
  • IT Asset Management Assessment. This focuses specifically on the issue of unmanaged hardware and software licences, and quantifies the risk and costs of unmanaged assets.
  • DevOps Assessment. This is an evaluation across the dimensions of Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement and Sharing (usually abbreviated to CALMS) to identify opportunities to improve and encourage a DevOps transformation.


The IT industry is littered with examples of expensive checkbox assessments that provide no meaningful insight, and roadmaps that don’t reflect resource limitations, or are not aligned to business objectives.

We have 14 years of experience performing assessments and learned a number of lessons:

  • Process Maturity seldom correlates with business results. We have several examples of Processes which have achieved a “maturity level 3” and yet deliver no business value.
  • IT staff will usually, if not always, overstate the degree of formalisation and adoption of a process.