When I founded ServiceFlow, I had just one plan in mind: to earn enough to fund a comfortable lifestyle where I have the opportunity to practice my craft whilst having the freedom to experience outdoor adventures.

Philosophy is the study of basic ideas and principles of what is right or wrong. When a philosophy is condensed into principles and written down, it comes alive and becomes part of us.

The ServiceFlow Philosophy is also my own personal philosophy. These guiding principles keep me on an even keel. When I’m feeling a little over-confident, or even grumpy, it brings me back to who I am and what I stand for. And why I choose to do what I do.

Reducing clutter

I have no aspirations to be fabulously wealthy, or owning lots of shiny stuff. I have twice had the opportunity to give away (almost) all my possessions and start afresh, and this has allowed me to break my bad habit accumulating clutter. This is something I learned from my dad, who was known for hoarding leftover planks, screwdrivers and bits of wire (much to my mom’s dismay).

Corporates are typically burdened with Bureaucratic Clutter of aimless meetings, rudderless committees, meandering processes and rigid organisational silos (to name a few). In the Lean business philosophy, these are all sources of waste that contribute to poor performance.

This doesn’t mean that meetings, committees, processes and departments have no value. They are necessary components of an enterprise, but more often than not, become part of the corporate theatre.

To paraphrase Marie Kondo, “Bureaucratic Clutter does not spark joy”.